Top 4 Heat Press Machine Reviews

Top 4 Heat Press Machine Reviews and Buying Guide 2017

How would you like placing your own design and items on T-shirts to promote your new clubhouse? It's not a hard task if you use a heat press machine.

What is a heat press machine?

This machine is a heat transferring machine and there are different ones you may choose from.

To help you make a knowledgeable decision, we will do a review of the F2C Pro 6 in 1 combo heat press machine in comparison with others. Before presenting the combo heat press machine reviews, we will break down the basics of the machine.

Heat press machines

Mainly, heat press machines follow in 2 primary types. They are better-known as swing-away machines and clam machines. Let's recognize for a moment these types and their obvious features.

Further, you will need to know about these aspects toward buying one:

Clam heat press_A clam heat press consists of a platen connected on top and can be raised. Once the machine is in useful mode, the platen goes up. Then again, the lower platen is given to sliding towards the user of the machine. The idea that makes it so great is it does not take up much space. Therefore, you could set it up in a small room. This machine is an excellent selection for a small workroom.

Swing-away heat press_ This press works in a different fashion. Opposed to the clam type, the machine’s top platen can be raised up and from side-to-side, also. Most of the Swing-away press machines come with platens that can be turned 100 degrees. And so, you've got flexibleness while using this press.

Size matters

From one machine to another, the size matters. But, you should choose the one for the needed work to be done in a suitable manner. Even so, if you have a small-scale business, you will carry out your needs with a small press too. A larger company will want the use of a larger machine.


Like the name suggests, analog machines apply the old engineering while the digital ones use the cutting edge technologies. Yet, you can admit that digital machines are more intelligent than analog ones. Put differently, you can easily use a digital machine in providing better performance. Yes, they will cost you more. But think about the many useful features that will help you complete the project faster.


A heat press features many parts just as other machines do. However, you want one that will come with the attachments. Otherwise, you will assume adding on necessary items to get the service you need out of the machine.

More briefly, if you are searching for an efficient heat press machine, we will provide you with a review of the following machines before you pay for one. Also, be mindful a superior machine is capable of producing plenty of products in a short time period.

With that said, let’s look at the 4 best heat press machines below!

Machine Name Weight Temperature Size Suggested For-

Hotronix Cap 41LBS 32 to 626°F 3.5” X 6” Hats & T-shirts (curved)

F2C 6 in 1 66.2 LBS 32 to 430°F 12” X 15” Platen Press /T-shir/(square)/Hat(recommended) /Several (curved)/Cap (cone)/Mug/Plate Accessories

Hotronix Fusion 137LBS 32 to 430°F 16” X 20” Platen Press/T-shirt/Blanks Heat Press

Zeny Heat Press Pro, 6- 50LBS 32 to 430°F 12” X 15” T-Shirt /Mug/Hat /Plate in-1 Combo

Hotronix Cap –Heat Press Machine

Why should I prefer the Hotronix cap heat press machine?

A good advantage is the press’s patented automatic release equipment. After it finishes the sequence, it opens automatically. Another benefit is a well-functioning heat mechanism which causes these machines to work effectively. Even so, if your temperature is uneven and inaccurate, the results will be unwanted.

Then, you will need to see whether the heating element is secured around your top platen as should. This fixture will make sure you have proper heating. Also, it is important you don’t overlook your pressure while running the press machine.

Having the right pressure makes the imprinting successful, just as you will need accurate heat. Be sure to follow the manual as you adjust in your temperature and pressure.


  • The heater block has a lifetime warranty
  • No need for an air compressor
  • Releases to open automatically for more safety and energy level support
  • Digital (RTD) temperature reading sensor
  • Easy to change the lower platen
  • Temperature can be read in Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • The powder finish coat helps it preserve scratch resistance


  • The castings and welds have a five-year warranty
  • One-year warranty for your parts
  • A two-year warranty on electronic parts

Final Verdict

We must admit this portable press offers a quality arrangement for beginner designers and small jobs. The auto open feature is a go for the user who does many jackets. He will not have any fatigue concerns.

Anyway, Hotronix products have been around for several years. If you favor the lifetime expert support that many Hotronix users receive, then the Hotronix cap heat press is your choice.

F2C 6 in 1 – Combo Heat Press Machine

It can be a challenge when you're trying to find the right heat press machine to do your T-shirts and caps. The next item is you are going through several different products to see what will work for you and is not too expensive.

Why should I use the F2C Pro 6 in 1 Combo Heat Press Machine?

By investing, you will have a quality heat press machine worth every penny. What's more, you can go in business and make money, stress-free.

Look at it this way! As you search thousands of products out there, this T-shirt printing machine contains most or all of their features. This means you eliminate your headache for searching any further, even if you are new at this.

In the F2C Pro 6 in 1 combo heat press machine is quality and efficiency with a budget price.

Still, we recommend that you make a comparison between the different products we are reviewing in this article.

Our goal here is to save you time in showing you these popular heat press machines. So when it's all said and done, you'll buy the right one without regret.

Again, our encouragement for you is to consider the F2C Pro 6 in 1 combo heat press machine. The machine's provision of features makes it a user's primary choice.

For more say-so, we like how this combo heat press highlights the digital transfer sublimation machine. Watch how Miracle Heat Transfer Materials use this process.

Overall, its superior combination makes it a complete assembled unit such as: consisting of a cotton & silicon pad, plate press, mug press and platen press.

This is why we told you earlier there would be no need for extensive searches for the best help in a heat press machine. Note these features of the 6 in 1 press machine and how you can conveniently use it to design:

  • Lettering and other articles
  • Jackets
  • Mousepads
  • T-shirts
  • Caps
  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Jigsaw puzzles

The 6 in 1 combo heat press machine can be fully rotated 360° along with its swing away design. That alone makes operating the machine convenient with no help, as you use it.


These features will make you equally attracted to the machine as we are.

Quality and easy work is the improvement you will love about this product. Here are other features it comes with:

  • Timer control of 0-999 secs.

Part of an intelligent temperature control attribute for accurate completion of the heat machine cycle.

  • Twelve inches by fifteen inches transfer - cord length 4.5 inches

It is lightweight with the exact sizes to give you a precise print every time.

  • CE certification 6 in 1

This is another way of declaring the experts guarantee the product.

  • Temperature range of 32 to 430°F

This role will keep you from wasting expensive blank shirts, plates and other items.


The makers of the F2C 6 in 1 combo heat press machine wanted their clientele to receive efficiency and convenience. There is no struggle in positioning the machine and every button is easily found. This machine gives you printing precision every single use.

While controlling the temperature and timer to your wish, you will present your new customer with a clean job. There is no need for you to worry about any mistaken printing.

We shared its light weightiness and size compared with other machines. But, we also found that it is easily transported more than other heat printing machines.


  • To preserve flatness, it has built-in structural backup
  • Quickly gets warm
  • There is equalized pressure in the whole platen
  • You can set it for Fahrenheit or Celsius degree reading
  • Multispring balancer for your selection


  • You will need to order your own t-shirts for printing

Final Verdict

Therefore, you can save time and money while having many satisfied customers. It's all about ensuring that you get the job done as fast as possible.

With the use of the F2C 6 in 1 Combo Heat Press Machine, you'll get the best for improving your T-shirt printing enterprise.

Hotronix Fusion - Heat Press Machine

Why should you consider this press?

Stahls’ International heat printing products have been delivered in over hundred countries. The Hotronix Fusion heat press machine is another one of their performed heat printing technologies.

This swing-around press has an upper platen that suitably swings fully out of your way.

You can save the settings you use the most often.

With 10 preset programs, you will also save time during many uses. If you prefer to already have it on and preheated before arriving at work, simply program it.

Or, you may also schedule it to shut off automatically after finishing the day.

However, the program will only work if you set it up to run this sequence for 7 days. This might become difficult as it may include your off days.

Other features:

  • It has an exchangeable lower platen selection. If your project includes many shirtsleeves and handbags, you will find this convenient.
  • There is the manual setting for your pressure. See the knob on the control unit’s top. Since the press is air regulated, be sure you use an air compressor properly rated for uninterrupted action.

We recommend you use a dedicated outlet for your press machine. You will need to rate the circuit breakers to either 20 amps for 220-volts or 10 amps for 120-volts.

For this make, safety was an important condition.

So, when you close the press, bear down on the buttons simultaneously on each side of the machine. Your fingers will be safe while you secure the closed position. You may notice the lit up emergency release button alongside the keypad, too.

When pressed, the heat platen’s quick release is activated and it goes to the up position automatically. Or, reactivate it and the previous work position resumes.

Final Verdict

If you follow the manual for setting up the machine the right way, you’ll have no problems. And, If you pay the price they are asking, you should be able to use it for many years.

Zeny Heat Press Pro 6-in-1 Combo – Machine

As you already know, it is expensive to buy personalized presents and gifts. It is not guaranteed that you will always find what you need. This is why many people create their own exhibits and special T-shirts to do fundraisers.

With the benefit of the Zeny Heat Press Pro 6-in-1 combo – machine, you have just what’s needed.

It is unnecessary to visit the stores and pay out a lot of money on expensive items or separate spending. Added, you can start your own business while enjoying a heat press machine. For a small business, you will only need a small investment to get started.

Why should you consider this press?

For starters, It is a primary choice that offers many features.


Whether you safely use it at home or your business, you will get pleasure out of serving your customers.

Check out the features included in this heat press:

  • Built with a four-fifths inch heating board, the heat is equally spread across the complete platen
  • You can read your temperature, Fahrenheit or Celsius degree
  • The machine will heat up fast
  • Its built-in structural support helps to keep balance
  • The raised alloy cradle ensure you have even heat
  • For your mug items, you can detach the cradle.

Although the machine is compact in size and is lightweight for handling, the Zeny Heat Press is more compact than standard cradles.

  • It has a timer control.
  • The multi spring balancer can be adjusted as needed.

Customers have shared their personal opinions about the pros and cons. These consumers gave their views for the benefit of those making an informed choice before making a buy.

Therefore, below are a few pros and cons about the Zeny Heat


  • Easy to use in doing mugs or printing T-shirts and whatever else it does.
  • It's made with all metal and has no plastic, but it is solid.
  • The machine is easy to assemble.


  • Some buyers faced frustration in trying to use the timer role.
  • Making a change with the pressure screw is difficult to some users.
  • The manual instructions are not clear on how to assemble the machine.

See this video on what else you should know about the Zeny Heat Press Pro;

Final Verdict

If you are skilled or you have the mindset to do something exciting, give the Zeny Heat Press Pro a tryout. You will amaze yourself by how easy it is to use this machine. Your imagination will take you to higher heights in easily creating personal gifts and items for the business.

Frequently Asked Questions about this heat press:

(Note) The F2C Pro is a 6 and 1 heat press machine. Therefore, we found it fitting to place a Q & A section in this review and hope it will be helpful to you as you use your new heat press machine.

What is the machine's maximum temperature?

What is the recommended setting for printing?

What is the machine voltage?

How do I put my control panel back in place?

Be sure to visit the Amazon Daily forum for specific information about your heat press.

What are my mug sizes for this heat press?

Can you work with multiple cup sizes?

How do I set the timer?

The LED light then moves down to the time position. So, you then set the time for two minutes or three minutes. Then press okay and you're all set.

What paper type do I use in transferring to the plates and mugs?

Can I use the same transfer paper for shirts?

How do I program it to beep when the cycle is complete?

Is there a mold made for shot glasses?

What type of mugs can this machine use?

If you didn’t find the answer for your machine, go here to present your question.

Bottom Line

Our goal was to point out the most selected and best-rated heat press machines. We tried to give you the best review information and sources that would benefit you in your decision process.

We will update our site with more knowledge about the heat press machine improvements as it is available. We encourage you to keep in touch with us as well.

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