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How to Print on Plastic Bags Made Simple – Even Your Kids Can Do It

Simple things make you stand out from the crowd. Have you met people carrying printed plastic bags and wondered how they came to be and even wished that you would have your own? Do you know How to Print On Plastic Bags? This article is specifically made for you.

We want you to have an easy time branding your products using the printed plastic bags. If not in business, you will also share in the feeling of carrying customized plastic bags.

Most are the times you have had the plastic bags printed for you at a high cost, you did not get the quality of the prints you needed, and they were not even delivered on time.

We just want to get you relieved from all that and be able to print unique plastics bags anytime you want. You will also be exposed to different approaches on how to print on plastic bags.

Things You Should Know About Printing on Plastic Bags

There are a number of things you may need to familiarize with when printing on a plastic bag.

Printing Plates

  • They are used to customize the plastic bags
  • They may last for about three years if well taken care of
  • The sizes are dependent on the plastic bags you want to print

Registered Printing

  • This is necessary if you want the position of the printed image to be the same.
  • To achieve this you use the same plate size, repeat the image and a similar bag.

Random Printing

  • This allows the image to appear many times on the bag
  • The position of the image may not be the same
  • The position is dependent on whether the bag is a bottom seal or slide

Guidelines of Printing on a Plastic Bag

Since you can use different methods of printing, it is good to understand some of the common but critical tips of a successful printing, failure to which you can mess up your work.

  • Ensure that you have specified on the size of the plastic bag, the number of bags and the printing surface.
  • Be sure of the method you want to use as this is guided by the type of print required, the colors and the copies.
  • If somebody is doing the printing for you, submit the designs beforehand to give room for the needful preparation
  • Be sure of the color selection and setting and avoid dyes between colors.

Methods of How to Print On Plastic Bags

It is always a good feeling to print it yourself.

The different methodologies used are dependent on the quality, size, and type of the bag, the reasons behind the printing as well as the number of colors you want to use.

The following are some of the possible methods used to print on plastic bags.

Post Printing

  • This requires you to have a ready made bag.
  • You print one bag at a time
  • On average you can use two colors
  • You can only print few bags as the process does not allow for bulk printing.
  • Light colors cannot be printed on a dark plastic bag
  • It does not allow for the edge to edge printing and has limited coverage.

Print and  Converting

  • Begin with large rolls of plastic
  • The plastic roll runs through the printing presses where you print your bag with specific colors and art.
  • The printed plastics run into the bag machine where they are cut, merged and sealed into a finished plastic bag.
  • The process allows you to print large numbers of bags as you can print over 3000 plastic bags.
  • This is suitable for large scale retailers and distributors
  • You need to select specific colors to do the printing. This can be up to four colors.
  • The colors are picked from the PMS chart and if your printing machine does not have it you can use ink match charge.
  • This does not allow for the printing of the light colors on dark colored bags

Hot Stamping

  • This requires finished plastic bags
  • The bags are passed through a hot stamp machine one at a time
  • You can only use it with small numbers of plastic bag
  • You can use a foil in place of ink
  • Only two colors can be used in the printing, and there should be proper spacing to allow movement when printing the second color

Flexographic Printing Process

  • This method allows you to print both the words and the images on your plastic bag.
  • It is by far the best printing process for packaging plastic bag
  • The process requires you to divide the plastic bag into the image area and the non-image area.
  • The flexible printing plates are mounted on the steel cylinder of the correct diameter that will give you the repeat length required in the printing. This is dependent on the size of the desired plastic bag.
  • The speed up the printing process ensure that you use a flat surface plastic on the rolling cylinder
  • Ensure that the flexible printing plate is wrapped around the rotating cylinder. This plate has a two-sided sticky tape.
  • The plate is inked and in return transfers the image to the printing surface of your plastic bag.[]

Knowledge is power, and there is nothing as good as doing it yourself.

After reading through the article, you are able to print on a plastic bag. This helps you to do the branding of your products at your convenience comfortably.

We also equip you with the knowledge of settling for the best printing method for you and even if you hired someone to print for you. Isn't this also a channel for knowing the best colors and the quality of the plastic bags?

You will be able to do one, two and multi-color printing. You cannot be cheated on the requirements, and if overcharged you will always detect.

Join other vendors in thriving through printed bags marketing by understanding how to print on plastic bags.

Get to understand the basic things about printing on plastic bags, the different methods, the guidelines for proper printing and you will always stand out from your competitors.

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