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What is a Heat Press Machine

What is a Heat Press Machine? You Need To Read This First

First of all, what is a heat press machine?A heat press machine uses heat and pressure, to transfer a design or a graphic on another surface, thereby getting the name heat press machine. It is popularly known to print designs on fabrics but has now been modified to work on mugs, plates, puzzles and a […]

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Screen Printing vs Heat Press

Screen Printing vs Heat Press Pros and Cons

Are you into t-shirt printing business? Or are you a fanatic of t-shirt printing? So if you find interest in t-shirt printing, you undoubtedly understand that there exist two major printing methods i.e. Screen Printing vs Heat Press.Probably you have torn apart between which is ideal for you. Well, do not worry because we will […]

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T-Shirt Printing Methods

Different Types of T-Shirt Printing Methods – Finally Explained

T-shirt is now a great wear and is accepted by almost everybody universally. It has multiple uses, as it can be used for any type occasion, and it is compatible with other wears. This is one of the reasons it has become very popular across the globe. There are various t-shirt printing methods available. If […]

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Print On Plastic Bags

How to Print on Plastic Bags Made Simple – Even Your Kids Can Do It

Simple things make you stand out from the crowd. Have you met people carrying printed plastic bags and wondered how they came to be and even wished that you would have your own? Do you know How to Print On Plastic Bags? This article is specifically made for you.We want you to have an easy […]

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How Does Heat Press Machine Work

How Does Heat Press Machine Work – Experts Don’t Want You To Know

Are you one of those people interested in t-shirt printing? If yes, you probably have heard of the heat press machine. If you are wondering how the machine works, we will discuss it here in details answering the question; How does heat press machine work?The heat press is a great tool that is widely used […]

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